Week Ending: 13.03.20

Whole School Attendance: 93.83%.

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St Michael’s operates a topic based curriculum and we try to incorporate most subjects into the topic. This approach captures children's enthusiasm and generates enjoyment in learning. We find children quickly become excited about the topic and we can capture that enthusiasm to develop subject specific skills in a purposeful way. It also enables children to see the connections between the different subject areas. Through our planning, we aim to provide a sound and rigorous grounding in basic skills, knowledge and understanding for all children through an exciting and stimulating approach.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year R This is Me/Harvest Celebrations/Toys Step Back in Time/Dinosaur Adventure Dig Deep! Once Upon a Time Fur, Feathers and Fins
Year 1 Yo Ho Ho and Away We Go! Adventurers Wanted Wild, Wild Weather Carnival of

the Animals

African Adventures
If You Go Down to the Woods...
Year 2 Globe Trotters Globe Trotters Space Invaders Space

Amazing Rainforests Amazing Rainforests
Year 3 London London Rainforests and Endangered Animals Rainforests and Endangered Animals The Iron Man and other Mythical Creatures The Iron Man and other Mythical Creatures
Year 4 Epic Journeys Epic Journeys Up the Chimneys, Down the Mines Up the Chimneys, Down the Mines Water Worlds Water Worlds
Year 5 Over the Top Over the Top Myths, Magic and Muggles Myths, Magic and Muggles Fleeing to Safety Fleeing to Safety
Year 6 Northern Lights Northern Lights WWII WWII Northern Territory Northern Territory