Week Ending: 13.03.20

Whole School Attendance: 93.83%.

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Science is one of the most amazing, breath-taking and mind-boggling areas of the curriculum and at St. Michaels Primary School the children and staff love investigating and experimenting with the mystery that surrounds us.

In KS1, Science is taught once a week and in KS2 Science is taught in weekly blocks once a term. As a school, we believe teaching it in this way allows children to follow their investigations closely which enables children to make progress within the topic they are learning. Our lessons include a variety of practical work and investigations that excite and intrigue the children. The children are encouraged and supported to make predictions, consider the variables and conclude their results in picture and written form.

We are very fortunate to have close links with Homewood School. Where appropriate and convenient, Homewood has invited us to make use of their vast Science Resources as well as arranging special lessons/sessions where the children will have the opportunity to work in a fully equipped Science Laboratory and be taught by specialist teachers.


We are lucky enough to have a Science Club where the children have the opportunity to participate in experiments; problem solve in teams and learn about areas of Science that are not necessarily covered in Curriculum Science.

Maidson – Year 6:

“I enjoy science club, it’s really fun. I like working in a teams doing experiments, especially the one we did with pasta and marshmallows.”


Emily – Year 5:

“I like Science club because I learn by doing experiments, which is a fun way of learning.”