October 2016

Week Ending: 13.03.20

Whole School Attendance: 93.83%.

Upcoming Events

October 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by and, although the nights are drawing in, at least we’re still having some beautiful weather.

Today we had the blessing and dedication of the school garden by Bishop Trevor, following the vandalism that occurred during the summer holidays.  People that have helped to restore the garden to its former glory were all invited to attend and it was wonderful to see so many parents/carers joining in.

A huge thank you for all the kind donations of food for our Harvest Festival celebration that was held on the 26th – the Foodbank are extremely grateful.

Next week we are having a multi-cultural week, where children will explore what the word ‘culture’ means and celebrate different cultures e.g.  Japan, France, Germany and Roma Gypsy Travellers.   On Monday staff are going to dress up representing various cultures, children are also welcome to come in traditional costume but this is not compulsory.  The week will culminate in a special assembly on Friday where children will listen to music from different cultures and sing in different languages.  The staff are all really excited to learn more with the children and a huge thank you to those parents/carers who have agreed to come in and share their ideas, customs and traditional foods.  If there is anyone out there who would still like to volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher.

During next week Year 6 are fortunate to be receiving some essential education regarding finances from some facilitators from Lloyds Bank.  This will enable them to understand how bank accounts work and how to manage their money.  They will also be learning how to increase their chicken business more efficiently.

On Friday 14th October pupils from years 5 and 6 will be visiting our partner school in Ardres, France.  If you haven’t already done so, please check that your child’s passport and permission slips are handed into the office as soon as possible.

Following a meeting with the School Liaison Officer, who monitors our pupil attendance, it has been highlighted that we have a considerable amount of single day absence due to illness. We have been asked to address this issue so please could we ask that; if your child is only slightly under the weather and you feel he/she could manage a day at school, please send them in. We are prepared, with written consent, to administer medicine should it be required. If it develops that a child is not well enough to remain at school, please be reassured that we will contact you to collect your child. Could you therefore please have in place arrangements for your child to be collected should the situation arise. Minor illnesses including colds, headaches, tummy ache etc, should hopefully not require a day off from school. If your child is absent due to illness, could we please ask that you let the office know (by email or telephone) on the first day and every subsequent days.

Lateness – On the occasion when a child may be late, please enter via the school office. We really appreciate your kind assistance and support with these matters, in trying to bring our whole school attendance up to the required level.


Please can you ensure that your child is wearing appropriate school footwear – too many girls are wearing ‘ballet’ type shoes that have no grip and are therefore potentially a hazard as they run around the playground, particularly if it is wet.

The internet safety training was, as usual, extremely informative and those parents/carers that attended said that they learnt a lot.  P.C. Mandy Kimpton has asked me to remind parents/carers that children should not have a Facebook account if they are under 14 years of age.

If you have got a new email address recently, please can you let your child’s class teacher know so that they can update their records.

Year R parents/carers are all invited to attend the phonics training this week on Wednesday 5th at 14:30, entry is via the school office.

Our open afternoon for prospective children that are due to start in September 2017 is on 18th October, please pass on the message to anyone you know with a young child that is due to start school then.

We are continuing to invite parents/carers/grandparents to join us for our collective worship first thing on a Monday morning at 9.10am.  Parents are welcome to drop their children off at school as soon as the gates are supervised and then wander up to the church for a cup of coffee and a biscuit prior to our arrival.  The planned dates are listed below.


Collective Worship for Parents/Carers/Grandparents

Year 4

Monday 10th October

Year 5 & 6 parents

Monday 17th October


Please can I remind you that parents/carers and other siblings should stand behind the double yellow lines at the beginning of the school day to allow the children to walk into the school safely.  Communication between parents/carers and teachers is extremely important, however at this time of the morning the teacher should be focussing on his/her class and getting them into school safely, please only share urgent information with them at this time.  For all other discussions, please see them at the end of school after they have dismissed all the children.   Thank you for your support.

Don’t forget to check the calendar on the school website for details of all upcoming events.

The PTA are once again organising a firework display on Sunday 6th November, tickets will be on sale shortly.  This was an extremely popular event last year so make sure you get your tickets early.

Kind regards,

Sara Williamson