Year 4 Parent Newsletter - Mountains

Week Ending: 13.03.20

Whole School Attendance: 93.83%.

Upcoming Events

Our topic this term will be Mountains. We will be using atlases to locate the World’s tallest mountains, finding out how mountains are formed and learning about different types. We will explore the tourist attractions and leisure pursuits that they can offer. This Geography Topic will be taught in a cross curricular way so that it links with Literacy and Art work.

Mrs. Courtley and Mrs. Spiers would like to thank you for helping with the amazing homework that the children have brought in (especially the Trench Cakes!), for continuing to hear your child read, learn their spellings and times tables!


Year 4 will be learning how to create different settings, explore different poetry forms and write an imaginary story. The latest writing targets will be explained at the parent consultations and the children will continue to work on their individual targets.


Children will be playing team games and continue with swimming this term.


We will continue to practise learning numbers to 31, talk about animals and colours.


We will be learning about Judaism and details of the Christmas Story.


Our new topic is Sound. We will learn how sound travels, how we hear sounds and how animals use sound. We will investigate how sound travels through different materials and how different musical instruments work.


Children are currently working on written calculations for addition and subtraction. During the term we will cover work on fractions, decimals and simple percentages. We will continue to practise our times tables regularly through games and repetition. Mental Maths will be tested weekly. Children will also get the opportunity to read scales, draw bar graphs and carry out open ended problem solving activities.

Please note that due to our visit to the Swattenden Centre, parent consultations for Year 4 will take place on Monday 17th March and Monday 24th March. Details of times and appointment slips will be sent out in due course.

If you have any questions about your child’s progress or learning, please do not hesitate to come and see me.
Mrs Courtley