14th November Newsletter

Week Ending: 13.03.20

Whole School Attendance: 93.83%.

Upcoming Events

On Monday we had a monitoring day where subject leaders and I went into each class to observe the learning taking place. The subjects that we focussed on were maths, English and R.E. We then looked at their books to ensure that all children’s needs were being met.

As Tuesday was Remembrance Day, Year 6 walked down to St Mildred’s Church where they were joined by children from Tenterden Juniors and ex- servicemen for a very reflective service led by Lindsay. Esme read out an inspiring poem that she had written about WW1, Lucy eloquently read a passage and Makenna lit the candle – pictures can be seen in the Tenterden edition of the Kentish Express.  At school we had two minutes silence at 11am – the younger children had a little less!

Mrs Paskhin and I went down to Homewood School on Thursday to view our new website and ensure that everything is progressing well. We are hoping to launch the new website within the next fortnight.

Today we have had another visit from our School Improvement partner, Ruth Swailes – this is part of our agreed support from KCC (Kent County Council) She has worked with the leadership team developing and supporting them in their roles.

Thank you to everyone who has returned their skills sheet.  We will be starting to collate them next week.

Kind regards,

Sara Williamson