Week Ending: 20/07/17

Whole School Attendance: 94.92%.

St Michael’s operates a topic based curriculum and we try to incorporate most subjects into the topic. This approach captures children's enthusiasm and generates enjoyment in learning. We find children quickly become excited about the topic and we can capture that enthusiasm to develop subject specific skills in a purposeful way. It also enables children to see the connections between the different subject areas. Through our planning, we aim to provide a sound and rigorous grounding in basic skills, knowledge and understanding for all children through an exciting and stimulating approach.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Reception All About Me Out and About Traditional Tales Jungle Farm Water
Year 1 World War 1 Electricity and Light Weather Africa Growing and Changing Minibeasts
Year 2 World War 1 Childhood Smugglers Explorers Under the Sea Plants/Growth
Year 3 Word War 1 Stone Age Bronze Age Iron Age Our School London Our School London
Year 4 Word War 1 Mountains Scotland Scotland Mayans Rainforests
Year 5 Word War 1 North America Space and Science Fiction Space and Science Fiction Greece Greece
Year 6 Word War 1 World War 2 Afghanistan Afghanistan Lights, Camera, Action Lights, Camera, Action