Science is an important area of the curriculum at St. Michael’s Primary School and is a subject greatly enjoyed by the children. Most classes have two lessons of Science a week and, where possible, these lessons include practical work and investigations. The children are encouraged to consider how to carry out a fair test record their results appropriately and draw conclusions from what they have seen and found out.

“I like making static electricity. We used a balloon.  It was fun!"
Alvin, year 4

There is often a different topic each term, which may link to the overall topic area being studied by a particular class. Topics include: Electricity, Forces, Green Plants, Lifecycles, Rocks and Soils, Sound, the Human Body and Earth in Space.

We are very fortunate to have close links with Homewood School who have invited us to make use of their vast Science resources as well as arranging special sessions at the school for classes from St. Michael’s where the children will have the opportunity to work in a fully equipped Science laboratory and taught by specialist teachers.

“I like investigating and seeing what happens.”
Bethany, year 5