Week Ending: 21.03.19

Whole School Attendance: 97.16%.

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23rd January 2015 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to our new website!  We are aware that there will be teething problems, so please be patient with us. (The calendar is a work in process!). Please regularly check the Website for additional news flashes as they arrive.

This week has flown by. During the week, all Teaching Assistants had a training session on marking work and supporting children with next steps. 

Friday 12th December 2014 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

What a wonderful week of Christmas celebrations in the school. Those of us that attended the KS1 Christmas Performance ‘Children of the World’, experienced an afternoon of beautiful singing, fabulous acting and colourful costumes; we had children from Australia, America, Malawi, China and Ireland combined with nativity characters. All in all, a wonderful event. 

14th November Newsletter

On Monday we had a monitoring day where subject leaders and I went into each class to observe the learning taking place. The subjects that we focussed on were maths, English and R.E. We then looked at their books to ensure that all children’s needs were being met.

Year 4 Parent Newsletter - Mountains

Our topic this term will be Mountains. We will be using atlases to locate the World’s tallest mountains, finding out how mountains are formed and learning about different types. We will explore the tourist attractions and leisure pursuits that they can offer. This Geography Topic will be taught in a cross curricular way so that it links with Literacy and Art work.


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